About DAM

You've invested a small fortune in your brand collateral. Now it's time to protect this investment – and allow a secure, international distribution system to maximize your resources.

No matter where you are in the world, Digital Asset Manager (DAM) offers your authorised users fast and easy access to your assets.

You can also see how many times an asset has been downloaded – and the name of the person who took this action.

For internal staff, it means saving valuable time sorting through archaic online filing systems for elusive images, logos, Point-of-sale material and the like. The intuitive search function allows users to quickly find the digital asset they need.

Need to get a product shot to someone in another country? Easy! Give them permission via DAM and they can chose which type of file they need of that asset... for print, PowerPoint, sign-writing..whatever.

Do you have an agent who needs artwork for a trade expo? Or an advertising agency preparing an advertisement to a tight deadline? With DAM you can make sure the right people have the right resources.

DAM can also integrate seamlessly into your existing internal business systems.

From a risk management perspective, it provides you with a single, reliable, verifiable source for all asset sharing.


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